Copywriting and Editing

I offer a variety of freelance services. Portfolio and rates available upon request.


Need a boost in business from new flyers or menus? Looking for a way to freshen up your website? What about spicing up social media?

I can provide all that and more. Websites I’ve written for have received significantly increased traffic and social media pages have seen up to 500% more views and interactions. I’ve served clients from an education nonprofit to a local real estate brokerage to a naturopathic medical practice–whatever your business, I can help it thrive.

Your copy, whether it be text on your website or signage in your storefront, is your first impression to the world. Let’s make sure it’s a good one.


Working on a college essay, grant application, or cover letter?

It can be difficult for readers to focus on your words if they’re distracted by rogue commas, typos, or other errors. With my help, we’ll ensure you’re always putting your best, most polished foot forward.

My services range from proofreading, which would focus exclusively on spelling and grammar, to more in-depth revision, including working with the client to restructure and rephrase the work.