Morgan Kayser is a writer of fiction and occasionally nonfiction, though she much prefers making things up to telling the truth. In fact, this entire bio could be a lie.

Though she was born in Boston and her family is from New York, Morgan is strongly influenced by spending over a decade of her formative years living in Georgia and north Florida. Most of her stories are set in the oppressive heat and sinister magic of the American south and often focus on the strange paradox of women’s strength, sexuality, and suppression. Morgan is also working on a novel about her family’s widespread experience with cancer, especially with the BRCA genes. Her work has appeared in The Molotov Cocktail and The Yearbook Office and has won the Turow-Kinder Award.

Morgan received her MFA in Fiction at the University of Pittsburgh, where she has worked teaching Seminar in Composition and Intro to Fiction, as well as tutoring student-athletes. For the last five summers, she’s worked at the University of Virginia Young Writers Workshop, most recently as Assistant Residential Program Director, and she hopes to spend many more summers there in the future. She has also completed several freelance copywriting projects for clients such as an online high school literature course and a Pittsburgh real estate brokerage. Morgan earned her BA in Creative Writing at Florida State University, where she also served two years as Editor in Chief of the newsmagazine The Yeti. 

When not writing or teaching, Morgan can be found hanging out with her long-haired German Shepherd Sheba, baking, or re-watching Game of Thrones.